About Me

Life is short. Live your most epic life now.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Hey there, I’m Allie. I’m super stoked that you stumbled across Coffee and Passport. I am all about the introverts, the shy and the anxious who still want to live their most epic lives now. Constantly pushing the edges of your comfort zone is my favorite way to grow, expand and generally kick ass in all areas of life…even if you’re scared to do it. Heck, especially if you’re scared to do it. And if you want the fast track to personal transformation, try traveling.

I want you to show you tips and tricks to design your most epic life (including traveling to the unknown) to create the life that makes you deeply happy, more adventurous and more connected to whatever it is that makes you sparkle from the inside out.


The short list of things that make me happy include high quality coffee, Star Wars t-shirts, street art, and travel. I also happen to live in Idaho (on purpose), drink an eyebrow raising amount of coffee and am raising two little girls plus a foreign exchange student. And as we’re all doing in life, I’m just winging it. 

 I always want to hear from you, so give me a shout here