Flight Anxiety Meditation

Download the free meditation for flight stress and panic attacks


Have you ever had a panic attack on a flight?

I have. It sucks big time.

On my latest cross country flight, I experienced difficulty breathing, panic sensations and all around high ANXIETY. #SuperFunGoodTimes

I don’t normally experience anxiety from flying itself (although I definitely get anxious when we hit severe turbulence), but I had a triggering experience right before I got on the plane where I was then stuck for the next four hours alone, grappling with my stress. Tapping into my mindfulness training, I was able to breathe my way through it and eventually calm my nervous system down to a manageable level.

meditation for flight anxiety

I’ve taught meditation in yoga classes and at professional retreats in the past. I’m not a master by any means, but as someone with anxiety and some mindfulness training, I thought I’d create a downloadable meditation to keep handy on your phone in case of emergency.

That being said, this is my first attempt at creating a downloadable file for this purpose, so email me with any issues or feedback.




Download the MP3 meditation here

free meditation for flight anxiety


This download link will take you to a webpage where you can listen to the audio file or download it to your computer or device. In Chrome, click File > Save As and it will give you the option to download. You can also click the download icon in the audio player on the webpage to download the file.

free meditation for flight anxiety

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