Flight Anxiety Meditation

Download the free meditation for flight stress and panic attacks   Have you ever had a panic attack on a flight? I have. It sucks big time. On my latest cross country flight, I experienced difficulty breathing, panic sensations and all around high ANXIETY. #SuperFunGoodTimes I don’t normally experience anxiety from flying itself (although I…

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Jord Watch Contest

What Time Is It? That’s Right. It’s Springtime. Everything is more beautiful in Spring, even this Jord women’s watch (although it’s hard to make it even more beautiful – it’s stunning). To celebrate my one-year blogging anniversary here at Coffee and Passport (Yay! It’s been a year already?!), I’ve partnered up with Jord Watches to…

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Tipping Hotel Housekeeping

Should you leave a tip? My answer is yes. This may not apply to business travelers staying in hotels that only cater to business travelers (you’re there on the company dime), but otherwise, yes. Some hotels provide envelopes daily to encourage tipping the service staff. How much to tip hotel housekeeping? How much should you…

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