Airport Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

For Traveling with Kids – An Airport Scavenger Hunt (FREE PRINTABLE)

Traveling with children isn’t always easy. (Okay, it’s rarely easy, but totally worth it.) The wait at the airport or heaven help us – hours of delays – may require some creativity and ingenuity on your part. I’ll be flying from Boise to Charleston, Charleston to Reno, and then Reno to Boise next month with my tween and preschooler. I’m going to pull out all the stops to make this trip memorable (and manageable)…starting with the arrival at the airport.

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I created this Airport Scavenger Hunt Printable to keep little children (preschool through elementary age) entertained during those long inevitable waits at the airport. Stay tuned for the snarky Tween/Teenager Airport Scavenger Hunt printable and the Airplane Scavenger Hunt printable.

TIP: For multiple uses, laminate it and bring along a dry-erase marker.

I’ve included this printable here as a PNG file and PDF file. Make sure to tweak it to suit your children’s ages and abilities and add prizes!

  1. Starbucks coffee cup (or logo)
  2. Someone listening to headphones 
  3. Employees Only sign 
  4. Someone charging their electronic device 
  5. Someone working on a laptop 
  6. Baby in a stroller 
  7. A teenager with a backpack 
  8. Someone listening to an iPod 
  9. Someone asleep (or falling asleep) BONUS POINTS if they’re sleeping on the ground!
  10. Someone eating a sandwich or burger 
  11. A fire extinguisher 
  12. Someone holding a passport 
  13. Pilot or flight attendant
  14. A sign for Baggage Claim 
  15. An orange or blue suitcase 
  16. A plane taking off 
  17. A plane landing 
  18. Someone in uniform (military or TSA) – And hey, if you do spy a soldier or hard working TSA employee, thank them for their service.
  19. Someone in a hat with a sports logo (or a sports jersey)
  20. Green suitcase or green backpack 

TIP: Didn’t print it out at home and now you’re delayed? Pull this bad boy up on your phone and start hunting away!

Airport Scavenger Hunt for Traveling with kids #travel


Airport Scavenger Hunt for Traveling with kids #travel

Have fun and I’d love to hear if you used it and how your scavenger hunt worked out for you!

But hey, you’re not stuck with just this Scavenger Hunt! Travel tips like these are pretty much why the Internet was invented (also for cat videos).

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