A Foodie’s Day Trip to San Diego

This is a guest post by awesome foodie and photographer Toni of Every Damn Bite. You can follow her adventures on Instagram here and her photography here.

Toni here.

When a friend says she wants to go to San Diego for the day to do a food tour, there’s no doubt you say yes and ask the hubby later for permission.

This trip consisted of taking a morning flight from Boise to San Diego and leaving in the late afternoon flight home. We had approximately four hours on the ground and about ten restaurants on our list to visit.

Let’s just say, we brought our comfy pants for the flight home.

We stayed close to the airport but every place we wanted to go was close by anyway. Bottom line, we last about four restaurants before we had to give in to our full bellies.

Here’s a map of our itinerary for the day.


This was the one I was most excited about. Character Steamed Buns. Well, because I love when a chef can make any type of character out of food. This one is currently on my top 3. We had to try as many as we can so we ordered a lot. My favorites were the Hello Kitty filled with Nutella and the Pig filled pork buns. They are by far the best pork buns I’ve ever had. The filling was juicy and the steamed bun was the perfect texture. We sat next to a gal who had a bowl of ramen. It smelled amazing and if we didn’t have more food stops, would probably have had a bowl.


We probably should have saved this one for last but since it was on the way to our other stops and we had a limited amount of time, we stopped in for a bite. The restaurant is all outdoors but being so close to the water, it was a nice change to being inside and eating. We couldn’t decide what to order but one thing caught our eye; the deviled egg topped with crumbs of french toast and topped with bacon.

I also ordered the Señor Croque. I love anything with a fried egg on it and topped with bacon. The strange part was miso-maple butter. I was a little wary of this since I couldn’t fathom the flavors together but once I ate it, I was sold.


We weren’t big fans of matcha and this place had nothing but matcha. While we were enjoying our matcha tea and our detox charcoal and matcha ice cream a gentleman asked if they had coffee. The employee replied with “No. We just have matcha.” I got on the matcha train with this ice cream. This place was also decked out in mostly pink.


I honestly cannot remember what I ordered here but my taco had fries in it. The sauce was just about amazing. I was sort of sad because I could only muster up to take two bites, but it was delicious. I won’t lie, we may have gone here for the golden chairs and the fact that the center of the restaurant had a wrestling ring that you can eat in.

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