Perfect Gifts for Travelers

Need a few gift ideas for your favorite travel lover?

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Winter is coming. And that means White Walkers, shoveling snow and making last minute frantic purchases for your loved ones. Truth be told, the number one gift a traveler wants from you is plane tickets. But if a few hundred bucks for an international ticket is not in the budget, how about one of these gift ideas?


Passport Cover

I love a stylish passport cover. You may have to fumble with it to take your passport out for Immigration, but hey, small price to pay for a fashion statement.

Amazon has this Star Wars passport cover filed under “Men’s Passport Covers” but clearly they don’t know about my generation of middle aged female Jedis.

Travel Umbrella

Travel is slippery when wet and the skies are merely a fair weather friend when you’re traveling. It rained in Tokyo. It poured in Tahiti. It drizzled all through Paris. Save yourself some hassle and pack a travel-sized umbrella that will fit comfortably into your carry-on. Although, be cautious in giving someone an umbrella for Christmas. “He gave you a what for Christmas?!! Girl, don’t marry him. That man gave you an umbrella…” Pair this with a vacation package if you know what’s good for you or at least write Rihanna’s Umbrella lyrics on the card. 😉

Packing Cubes

Okay, not as sexy as other gifts, more on par with your mom giving you socks but infinitely practical. They don’t make romantic commercials about a man giving you packing cubes in soft bokeh lighting near the Christmas tree BUT they’re still a great gift. Packing cubes pretty much changed the way I pack. I can get way more in my luggage while keeping everything more organized. I opted for a some cheap packing cubes from Daiso Japan while I was in Tokyo, but when they eventually wear out, I’ll invest in a higher quality set.


If you’re feeling creative, pack the packing cubes with travel related swag before giving them the gift. It’ll be like a delightful Russian Nesting Doll of travel fun.



Honestly, buying a piece of luggage for someone is like buying them a purse. It’s best if they pick it out themselves because size, heft and all the little interior details matter. For purposes of giving a gift to someone who’s not overly picky, I look at Amazon Prime’s luggage selection with only the highest ratings. Do they only ever do carryon? Do they prefer a hard shell and always check their luggage? Luggage would be inconvenient to return to an online store so make sure you know what you want when you buy it or buy from a brick and mortar shop.


Travel Organizers

I use this File and Fly and I love it. It helps with my “day of travel disorganization”. Great for an anxious and/or disorganized traveler. Gift giving advice: don’t say “I got this for you because I know you love to travel but your horribly disorganized.” For only $13, it made a huge impact on keeping it together.

Luggage Tags

When it comes to luggage tags, go nerdy or go home. Am I right or am I right?! #NerdPower



Or you can go the classy route, with embossed leather and monogrammed.



The Guiding Star Necklace from Ten Thousand Villages

I love this necklace so hard… It’s crafted by women in Cambodia from old bombs and bullet casings. It comes in a lovely box explaining its background. Ten Thousand Villages is committed to Fair Trade goods from around the world. I have this necklace and wear it proudly. In addition to home goods, Ten Thousand Villages has many travel gifts for your globally inspired loved ones, such as photo frames, jewelry, home decor and travel bags – everything is handmade and fair trade.


These are the only bomb parts you can take on a plane. 😉
Guiding Star Necklace



A Vacation!

Travelers need to travel. How about the gift of a trip? You can book discounted packages through Costco Travel if you’re a Costco member, TripAdvisor, Expedia, CheapCaribbean, Southwest Airline Vacations and many many more sites.


What travel related gifts have you given? What’s the best one that you’ve received? Let’s talk about it in the comments below! is a proud affiliate with the following awesome companies.

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