Pokemon Go Hack – The Secret That Will Make You Smarter

Pokemon Go’s behind-the-scenes app that will make you smarter, happier and generally more awesome

the surprising benefit of Pokemon Go
I’m not a fan of Pokemon Go. My kids tend to grab my phone, disappear for 30 minutes and then hand it back with an empty battery and an overheating message. On the bright side, they’re actually outdoors for a change and getting exercise, even if it’s in an augmented reality.


A few weeks ago, my husband and I walked down from a local brew pub to a local hotel during our staycation. I glanced at over at him and asked, “Are you playing Pokemon right now?”


“Uh…There’s something you’ll really like about this. Did you know that Poke Stops and the Gyms are locations based on landmarks? It’s really cool. The landmarks are from another app developed by Niantic Labs – the same people who developed Pokemon Go. It shows you nearby art areas and stuff. Totally your kind of thing.”


Art and landmarks? Pokemon had suddenly grabbed my attention. My husband showed me the app, it was displaying the piece of street art, including the piece title, the artist name and the year it was painted. What?!!


Pokemon Go Field Trip


Niantic, Inc brought the world Pokemon Go, but used to be Niantic Labs (part of Google Labs until Google cancelled the project). Earlier, they had developed Field Trip which works with Google Maps to identify cultural and historical points of interest. Field Trip powers the information behind the Poke Stops and Gyms and most importantly, the app is available as a free download. You can download Field Trip app from Google Play or from the Apple Store. Within the app, you can filter the types of landmarks that you’re interested in.


Landmark categories include:
  • Lifestyle
  • Cool and Unique
  • Architecture
  • Food, Drinks and Fun
  • Art and Museums
  • History
Pokemon Go Field Trip

I may be a little late to the Niantic party (hey, I’m fashionably late) but this thing is cool. As you approach a landmark, your phone receives a notification with an information card about it. From the architectural origins of an Art Deco hotel, to historical tidbits about an old train depot, to modern street art in the heart of downtown, I’m learning more and more about my town thanks to Field Trip.


Want more info? Check out the following:


FieldTripper.com “It’s Your World. Explore It.”

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