Product Review – Talaria Flats Travel Shoes

My imaginary friend is an attorney and wants you to know that this is technically a sponsored post. Talaria Flats provided me a pair of shoes to try out on my latest adventure. All opinions are my own. Because I’m an opinionated lady with a thing for shoes…

I like to walk through city streets. If you read my post on Japan (and if you haven’t – go read it!), you’ll know how I thrashed my feet walking miles and miles in the alleyways of Tokyo in my favorite pair of Converse.

Fortunately for me, I’ve since discovered Talaria Flats, a woman-owned company that designs shoes for women BY women. These shoes are foldable ballet flats for women who travel. And hey, I’m a woman who travels! So I took my shoes for a spin in tropical Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I’m also crazy about my super cheap Daiso storage bags.

I travel with only carry-on luggage, so space is always at a premium in my suitcase.

Travel Shoes
It’s your vacation. So, uh, bikini bottoms are optional.

But what about arch support?

My arches are even higher than my standards. Ballet flats offer adorable style but no arch support. I found these flats to be comfortable up to about four to five miles of milling about Puerto Vallarta’s cobblestoned streets and famed Malecón boardwalk. Of course, beautiful ballet flats aren’t designed for power walking, but hey, I like to test my shoes out in extreme circumstances.

I wore flip flops during my leisurely day at the beach in Sayulita, Mexico and then reached into my bag for my flats and my favorite travel shawl and voila – ready for dinner at a restaurant at the marina.

TIP: If your main travel activity is hitting the pavement, make sure to rotate shoes everyday of your trip.

Isn’t the coordinating storage bag adorable? I know I’m biased, but come on!

My 3 favorite things about Talaria Flats

  1. Space – they take up a small suitcase “footprint” if you will (#SorryNotSorry) and are so minimal that you can even put them in your purse.
  2. Style – flats are classic and my choice of flat in metallic silver is just rad. Cute and classic is the way to go.
  3. Practicality – Have you seen that episode of Modern Family where Sofia Vergara’s character Gloria wears her sexy spike heels to Disneyland? By the afternoon, she’s completely hobbled and has to spend the rest of the trip in bunny slippers from the gift shop. Four inch heels may look sexy as hell, but they’ll feel like hellfire under your feet. These shoes strike a versatile balance between fashion and function.

And…packaging matters. Talaria Flats come in their own zip top storage bag that matches the shoes. Cute enough to make a pair a gift for a sister, mom and friend. (Mother’s Day is in May, by the way).

Poolside with piña colada. Don’t forget to slip off your flats before diving into the pool.

I’m still a fan of sneakers, flip flops and Converse. But Talaria Flats are now on my must-pack travel list and should probably be on yours too. 😉 These are smart shoes for smart women, like us.

Check out their selection of champagne, silver, classic black and a darling champagne/white combo.

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