SUP Yoga Retreat Checklist

SUP Yoga Retreat

Heading to a SUP Yoga Retreat? Here’s what to pack

It’s summer time and the livin’s easy. Bradley’s on the microphone with Ras MG and it’s time for you to finally get on a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). As a California girl who relocated to Idaho, SUP is the way I get to do some inland surfing even though I’m landlocked. The SUP board is longer and much more stable than a traditional surfboard and is meant to glide along the water more like a canoe than a surfboard designed to shred waves.

Basically, you’re stand up canoeing, but you look much, much cooler.

Stand Up Paddle Board
I put the Yo! in SUP Yoga, yo.

I frequently introduce friends and family to SUP. All fitness levels can actually enjoy themselves and a wide range of ages. SUP Yoga Retreat www.coffeeandpassport.coomMy 4-year old sits on the front while I paddle and the older kids all go solo. If you’re wobbly, you stay on your knees. If you’re a badass, you add yoga. Combining SUP Boarding with yoga is a great way to connect to your spirit, your balance and your core. (Not joking about your core. Talk about sore abs…)

I’m in the middle of packing for a women’s SUP Yoga Retreat in the Idaho mountains next week. We’ll spend the sunny summer days paddleboarding and working on our SUP yoga poses and the evenings doing yoga on the beach followed by bonfires (and probably a smuggled in adult beverage. Okay, most definitely a smuggled in adult beverage).

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I was actually a yoga teacher with a dedicated practice. Until there was that one time when I was pregnant and teaching class and my pubic bone split while in a deep Warrior 2 pose. OUCH. So anyway, yoga has taken a back seat to a kid in a car seat and it’s time to get serious about my practice. It currently hurts to touch my toes, but I’m slowly getting back into my Chaturanga Dadasana groove. (Like I continually tell my 11-year old when she complains that she can’t do yoga because she’s not flexible, you do yoga to become flexible, not the other way around.)

SUP Yoga Retreat
Let’s talk about boards, baby.

Calm Spirit, Rough Seas

While ocean paddle boarding and lake paddle boarding are amazing ways to connect to the ocean (and your spirit), calm water is the way to go for SUP Yoga. I can barely stand on a paddle board in choppy water, much less do Dolphin Pose. I’m renting a yoga-specific SUP board for this retreat as it has more stability on the water than traditional boards.

Yoga retreats involve learning to paddle board (assuming you’re a SUP newbie), practicing yoga moves and repeatedly falling into the water. So bathing suits, quick dry yoga clothes and a towel should always be on your packing list. As for the rest, what should you pack for your first SUP Yoga Retreat? I got ya covered, babe.

I put together a handy printable for what to pack for your SUP Yoga Retreat.

This checklist assumes that your overnight gear is taken care of (we’re “roughing it” in a cabin). If you need to throw some sleeping bags and pillows on the list, there’s space to add that in too.

There’s one thing missing from this packing list that you may notice. Phone and charger didn’t make the checklist. Although you may want your phone to take pictures, I strongly recommend putting it in airplane mode or not bringing it all.

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Download the PDF by clicking the image or link below.

Happy yoga paddling!

download here

sup yoga retreat packing list

SUP Yoga Packing List



What’s your take on SUP, yoga and of course, SUP Yoga? Have you done either? Ever been to a retreat? I’ve been to yoga retreats before, but this is my first SUP one. #Stoked

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