Tipping Hotel Housekeeping

Should you leave a tip?

My answer is yes. This may not apply to business travelers staying in hotels that only cater to business travelers (you’re there on the company dime), but otherwise, yes. Some hotels provide envelopes daily to encourage tipping the service staff.
how much to tip hotel housekeeping

How much to tip hotel housekeeping?

How much should you tip hotel staff? According to TripAdvisor:

Hotel housekeeping/maid service: $2-3 per night up to $5, more in high-end hotels.  Also more if there are more than 3 people in a room or suite. Leave the tip on your pillow or in a similar obvious place with a note that says thank you.


  • Do leave a tip
  • Leave the tip daily rather than at the end of your trip
  • Leave the tip in an obvious place with a note indicating that it’s for housekeeping (or use my handy dandy printable)

$2 to $3 tip is more common for a moderate hotel or smaller room, while $5 is acceptable for luxury accommodations. It’s not very common to leave a tip at a motel, but of course it would be great appreciated. And don’t you want to feel appreciated?! Tip.

Give your housekeeper a dollar or two each time she completes an additional service, such as delivering forgotten toiletry items, extra pillows, hangers, luggage racks or extra towels to your room or you know…brings extra coffee. 😉


how much to tip hotel housekeeping

Hotel staff may rotate each day or their cleaning assignments may change.

You should tip DAILY rather than at the end of the trip to ensure the hardworking employees who cleaned your room are compensated.

Ready to Get Tipsy?

Not everyone tips, but if you choose to, I’ve created printable Thank You cards that you can leave with your tip! They’re printable on Avery 5371 business cards or simply just print out and cut. Easy peasy. Because gratitude and generosity are always a good idea. Throw these cards them in your wallet with a stack of $1’s when you leave on your next trip.

how to tip hotel housekeeping

Download the PDF

how to tip housekeeping

Thank you cards for housekeeping




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