What to wear on a plane: the best travel clothes for flights

Ever wondered what to wear on a cross country flight, a red-eye or an international flight?

Betabrand has got you covered.


Shopping for the perfect outfit is like online dating for clothes.

Solo traveler seeking comfy yet stylish outfit for long meetings at work, potentially awkward TSA screenings and long flights across country in Economy Class. Must also be flattering and complement my figure.

best travel clothes for women
Hmmm….decisions, decisions.

In the car or on a flight. My new favorite travel outfit has never let me down. The redeye wrap and the travel dress yoga pants from Betabrand are absolutely asskicking. (And, ahem, a bit ass lifting as well…)

Booty called. Betabrand answered.

The Red Eye Wrap has thumb holes to keep it comfortably over your wrist and a strap to fit under your chin as you sleep on a long overnight flight. This is perfect for an international flight or across or cross-country flight.

best travel clothes for women
The Red-Eye Wrap is perfect for long haul flights!

Basically, I will not shut up about these until you buy them…

The wrap is snuggly and soft like a baby kitten. And the pants fabric is thick and smooth and makes your butt look amazing. Bonus!

perfect travel outfit
The Red-Eye Wrap in Heathered – photo by Betabrand

Grab the Red Eye Wrap here

Use promo code ALLIE15 to get 15% off through Wednesday June 14th

If you’re always looking for travel clothes that will look great from a board meeting all the way to the airport and still be comfortable actually sleeping on a flight, these are the travel outfits for you. Here I’m wearing the Dress Yoga Pants in long bootcut.

favorite travel outfit

Also check out their travel dresses and pants and other accessories online for both men and women. They have an entire travel collection that I simply cannot wait to get my hands on. And body in.

best travel clothes for women
Look like perfectly tailored work slacks and feel like yoga pants!

Browse the entire Travel Collection here.

Like Annie Lennox says, “would I lie to you, honey? Now would I say something that wasn’t true… ” Nope, totally true. these are dope.

Betabrand is crowd sourced clothing based in my favorite city, San Francisco.

What is crowdsourced? Basically it’s like a kickstarter for a bad ass clothes. A designer presents a design and it’s voted on, potential buyers bid on what they would wear and then the clothing is made. High-quality, high design, high-fashion and a reasonable price. #Boom

Use promo code ALLIE15 to get 15% off through Wednesday June 14th

The perfect man may not exist, but the perfect travel outfit does.


The perfect man may not exist, but the perfect travel outfit does. Click To Tweet

They’ve got guys clothes too. So guys, you’re not stuck with wearing yoga pants in the airport. Hey, unless you want to. (some of my favorite guys do yoga)

Treat yoself to some comfortable and stylish travel clothes. You won’t regret it.


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