Free Travel with WOW Air’s SnapTraveler Contest

Are you ready to travel the world for free? I know I am. #travel #freetravel #travelcontests #wowtravel #travel #wowair #contest #freetravel


  • WOW Air is amazing.
  • WOW Air made headlines a few months ago with their outrageously low airfares to Europe.
  • No one can spell “Reykjavik” on the first try.

WOW Air is offering a contest to let you travel the world. Are you going to be one of the lucky 4 people selected to travel the world this summer? I guess I’d better download Snapchat… Uh, honey? Can you watch the kids this summer? I’m going to Iceland. And Paris…and back to Japan…and everywhere else. #travel
What’s a snapchat and where do I get one? 🙂

APPLY HERE (application deadline is May 8th, 2016)

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